Research and Campaigns

Citizens Advice campaigns on local and national issues which affect our clients.

For our current campaign we are looking at the cost of school uniforms, previously we have looked at access to basic bank accounts and the problems with renting property in the private sector.


School Uniforms


We are¬†looking at the cost of school uniforms in Central Bedfordshire and are collecting data with a view to providing a report on our findings. We are asking anyone who has school age children to complete our survey. If you can spare 5 minutes to help us collect data about your children’s schools we would be very grateful. Please click on the link below.

School Uniform Survey

Rental in the Private Sector


At Citizens Advice we encounter many clients who are trying and failing to rent in the Private Sector. With the reduction in the number of properties available in the Social Housing Sector, private rental is often the only option available to low income families. Unfortunately, with the shortage of properties and the buoyant market these families are reporting great difficulties accessing the sector.
Towards the end of 2015 Citizens Advice in Central Bedfordshire embarked on research into barriers to Rental in the Private Sector. Two pieces of research were undertaken; the first was a survey of local Letting Agents on their views on renting to those receiving Housing Benefit and their charges for prospective tenants; the second was a snapshot of available properties on one day.

The research discovered there were 5 main barriers for those on low incomes; affordability, receipt of Housing benefit, upfront costs, LHA rates and availability of properties. These barriers are, in many cases, insurmountable.

If you would like to read more about this click the link below to read our report in full.

Low Income Families losing in the Housing race